Monday, February 22, 2010

Not fair!



Play it Again Sam said...

Oh if only my students could show such rapt attention.

Sammy's human

That corgi :) said...

I see a conspiracy with Darby and Bonnie working together to get the balls off the table; cute pictures :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! It's me Buddy!
Be careful, you guys. I just discovered that length wise I can reach the top of the table. I chewed up the camera and the ipod case. Thank goodness I didn't get the ipod or I probably would not be writing this. Word to the wise, only chew things that belong to you. My ears are still ringing from the yelling. I spent a lot of time hiding.


Boo's Mom said...

Oh, Buddy! I'll bet you spent a long time hiding. I'm glad to know what you're capable of so I can watch out with my two girls. You guys probably won't be able to do what our Golden Retriever did: she grabbed a whole loaf of freshly baked bread off the BACK of the kitchen counter--it was so cute when she brought it to us--crammed between her lips--that we couldn't be mad at her. Then, she managed to grab a bowl full of Easter hard-boiled eggs off the picnic table and with her partner in crime, our Rottie/Shepherd mix, proceeded to eat TWO DOZEN eggs, shells and all!