Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mr. Greenbean

Mr. Greenbean came with Darby when she made the long, long plane trip from Mountain Home, Arkansas to El Cajon, California.

That Leda sure knows how to pick a lovey that a puppy will like!  Darby is not particularly tough on any of her stuffed toys, but Mr. Greenbean seems sacred. She NEVER takes him out of her sleeping crate -- see him right there by the door? (don't notice that her sleeping crate fleece needs to be washed!)


And while she must play with him, or at least lay her head on him at night (as evidenced by the dried drool on him!) otherwise he is as good as the day he and Darby arrived all those months ago.

Darby must love Mr. Greenbean a lot--maybe he reminds her of her first home with her mom, siblings and Leda.


That corgi :) said...

how cute! kind of like a security blanket little children have; what a clever idea for the "mom" to send that with Darby when she traveled. Koda came from Alabama and he had a security blanket thingy too but not as cute as Mr. Greenbeans


Anonymous said...

Hi Darby, It's me Buddy,
You take such good care of your toys. Leda sent Lizard with me. I still have him but he isn't nearly in as good a shape as Mr. Greenbean. I'm so ashamed. I was very curious about the squeaky thing inside. I'm not curious anymore.