Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blow Drier

When Darby was a tiny pup, she was afraid of my blow drier.

To entice her to come close and--hopefully--learn that there was nothing to be afraid of, I started with a "cookie trail" coming from our bedroom into the bathroom.  (The "cookies" were little bits of dried liver treat.)

Carefully, carefully, I got her to the point where she would grab a treat right off the barrel of the hair drier while it was running!

But, I created a monster!  I should have quit with the treats a long time ago, because now she expects them whenever I open the drawer where I keep my hair drier.  And, Bonnie expects them, too.

Here they are.  Waiting.  (Note the cord from my hair drier.)


P.S.  I've noticed something that I'm going to continue to observe to see if it is real or only coincidence.  It appears that when both dogs are with me, Bonnie always stands on my right side and Darby always stands on my left.  I just watched them in the backyard and if I threw the ball for Bonnie to my right, she brought it back to me on my right.  If I threw it to the left, she still brought it back to me on my right.  Darby did the same thing--but on my left.  If I threw the ball for Bonnie to my left and Darby to the right, they crossed over each other when they brought the balls back--Bonnie to my right and Darby to my left.  I find that interesting, although it probably means absolutely nothing!


That corgi :) said...

they indeed are creatures of habit so if you start something, they keep expecting it,LOL. too cute about Darby not liking the hair dryer. I think its the loud noise that their ears don't like since Koda's like that with the vacuum cleaner. I bring a treat in to Koda after I'm done showering in the morning and before I start reading my Bible. He is always waiting at the door for me with anticipation. I can't even remember why I started doing it but I'm sure it was to reward him for something but it has continued and he expects it, LOL.

that is interesting about their preference with right/light. something to keep track of and see


Anonymous said...

Hi! It's me Buddy!
Do you think maybe Darby is left pawed and Bonnie is right? Just a thought I had it while I was chewing my peanut butter rawhide bone. That's when I do my best thinking.
I really like the hair drier treat idea. Do you think you could mention it to my person without the side-effects? I appreciate anything you can do.



Anonymous said...

Hi!It's me Buddy's person,
We finally decided on a food for Buddy after much research. Our other corgis ate nutro max and lived long lives but my daughter researching different foods says Science Diet is best for them. (no fillers.)So we are going with it to see how Buddy does. Luke is on Science Diet and does well.
Purina, although good, I'm sure, has lots of fillers.
We have a tendency to fatten up our corgis so hopefully this will be best for Buddy.
I'm sure Buddy weighs more than Darby. I don't know why but our corgis always seem to be on the larger size. I wonder what we do? I'll have to weigh him when I can get him quiet enough. He's a handful. Somehow it comes off endearing.
I really enjoy keeping up with your sweet ones.
Buddy's person

Boo's Mom said...

Hmmmm. Good info. We fed Science diet to our old dogs forever. Our vets recommend it and always have. Erika has had Bonnie on Nutro Ultra ever since she got off a prescription diet designed to help her eliminate bladder stones. While on Nutro she has been fine; knock on wood, and Erika does not want me to switch. I don't want to feed fillers--Darby doesn't seem to have a weight problem, but it seems like a waste anyway. I am a pill about feeding them--I have a measuring cup in the food container and only give them the exact amount. I also don't give them snacks too much--liver treats, carrots, apples and that's about it! Wish I could be as good about my own diet.

I really enjoy keeping up with YOUR sweet boy and the brother in Arkansas, too. Isn't the internet wonderful???

Darby's human