Sunday, January 3, 2010

No Photos, darn it!

Glenn's mom died in her sleep early, early yesterday morning.  Her family had gathered the day before knowing that she didn't have a long time left.

Yesterday without her to visit, everyone came to our house to be together.

I'm so proud of our dogs!  14 people--11 strange to them, 4 under 12 years-old, 1 under two years-old and no dog-related mishaps at all!

Darby started out in her crate until everyone had arrived.   Bonnie, being the mature, relaxed-around-people gal that she is was able to mingle right from the start.

After a bit, I let Darby join the group.  I was nervous at first as she bolted from her crate, out the back door and ran directly to the toddler in the group!  She often still jumps up on people when she is excited to see them, but she didn't jump up on Jacob--she jumped just enough to lick his face, but otherwise didn't touch him!  Almost like she knew she would knock him off his little toddler feet if she touched him with her feet!  Every time she came near him the rest of the afternoon, she did the same thing--big sloppy puppy kisses.  Fortunately, Jacob's mom knows that puppy kisses won't kill little boys.

Katie, Sara and Justine threw the ball for the dogs, played chase with them, tried to play soccer with them, and rough and tumble played with them until the dogs' tongues were hanging out almost to the ground.  Four children and two dogs running full speed around the back yard and NO ONE got knocked down or hurt and not a single tear!

It was a very nice afternoon although we missed having Glenn's mom there with us.

After everyone left, both dogs jumped up on the sofa and stayed there sleeping until 9:30 when we went upstairs to bed!  Bonnie wouldn't get up when I called her...I had to pick her up off the sofa!   Poor tired doggy!

 All that fun and I didn't think to take a single photo!!


That corgi :) said...

I'm sorry for your loss, always sad when moms die

I am grateful though that the family were able to be together during this difficult time and that the pups were on their best behavior


Play it Again Sam said...

So sad for you you and Glenn. I hope Darby and Bonnie helped ease the pain of the day with their antics.

Sammy and his human