Friday, December 25, 2009

Just take it!

When Erika was a baby she HATED mall Santa Clauses.  The first couple of times we took her for Christmas photos she screamed the whole time, while I stood there perspiring with my blood pressure mounting as the poor photographer tried every trick in the book to get her to stop.  I remember finally saying "JUST TAKE IT!"  So, Erika's very few photos with Santa show a screaming, red-faced baby!

I thought of that this morning while I tried, single handedly--Glenn is still in bed--to get the girls to pose for a photo outside where the light is good enough at the moment for my iPhone camera.

They were in NO mood to pose;  I could not get both of them to sit and stay sitting long enough to snap a shot. 

I took LOTS of shots and these are the best!  Oh, well. 



P.S. No Christmas stockings were harmed during the production of these photos. Cute stocking provided by, guess who?  Aunt Kathy! 

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That corgi :) said...

how cute! Darby and Bonnie were just excited about the day; no way did they want to sit still

my son's first Christmas he was 9 months old. I told the photographer to get the camera all ready and when she was ready I would put him on Santa's lap and she had to take the picture right then, which she complied with. Because the minute son realized I was not holding him, he turned and saw who was holding him and SCREAMED. But we got a great picture right before it

hope you had a nice day