Friday, December 4, 2009


I have something in common with Ree Drummond--The Pioneer Woman whose phenomenally popular blog you can read here.

Ree writes that her family's beloved Basset Hound, Charlie's feet smell like Fritos. While I am one to get my face down next to Darby and nuzzle her, it never occurred to me to smell her feet, so I always wondered how Ree discovered the Frito smell.

Maybe Ree has a sister with a nose like my sister's!

The other day, Kathy and I were playing with Darby and Kathy said "Her feet smell like corn chips!" Kathy had been close to Darby, but hadn't had her nose right there ON her feet. But, sure enough! She was right! Darby's feet did--and still do as of this morning!--smell like corn chips!(My nose isn't quite as good as Kathy's--hers is younger--so I do have to get pretty close to notice the smell.)

Boy! Does it feel good to have something in common with someone as famous as The Pioneer Woman! (wink)

P.S.  The photo is of Darby's baby toes, shortly after she came to live with us.  They are MUCH bigger now and usually dirty!
P.P.S.  Another thing I have in common with the Pioneer Woman is that both of our husbands LOVE her chicken fried steak recipe.  In fact, my husband LOVES every single recipe I've made from her new book.  Too bad we don't work on a cattle ranch where we can work off the calories in those recipes!
P.P.P.S  Nico's feet do NOT smell like Fritos--we checked.  It remains to be seen--err, smelled--if Bonnie's do.

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That corgi :) said...

LOL; how cute! now I have to go and smell Koda's feet! He'll probably think I'm crazy.

enjoy the weekend :)