Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Every morning

Every morning when I open the shower door, this is what I see:

If I let her, Darby jumps into the shower and starts licking up the water. 

But her FAVORITE thing is to try to lick water off our legs and feet!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Darby, it's me Buddy!
Did ya miss me? I hope so. My person went to Florida and brought back Aunt Betty to live with us. That's okay but she also brought this tiny little furry thing. (I'm not to sure what she is but she is not a corgi. We tried so hard to get online and keep up with you and your happenings, but time got away from us. I stayed with Luke. I'm keeping my options open if things don't improve around here. At least, Luke and his people love me. If I hear wrong, Buddy one more time, I'm packing my toys.
I'll let you know if things get better.
Hey! dudette, I love the licking thing too. We must be kin!
Brother Buddy

That corgi :) said...

don't you love that they just wait for us?? someone described it well, they said "is Koda a Velcro dog" and I said "yep" as he is always right with us; I'm thinking Darby is the same. funny she likes to lick your wet toes; maybe she doesn't think you have cleaned them very well