Saturday, November 14, 2009


When I was in that terrible "pre-teen" stage, I hated brushing my teeth--that's probably why I have a mouth absolutely full of fillings! My mom would send me off to brush my teeth before bed and I would make a show of doing it--turn the water on, wet the brush, let the water run while I "brushed," tap the brush a few times on the edge of the sink -- done! But not!

I think Darby does something similar sometimes, although, of course, not over brushing her teeth.

Sometimes I walk her out to the grass and say "Go pee-pee" and she walks out a ways, makes a mini-squat, then comes running back -- done! But, not!

Makes me laugh when it happens.

This photo has nothing to do with pretending to do something you don't want/need to do, but I have always liked the white "flag" on the end of her tail.

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That corgi :) said...

LOL! I watch Koda to make sure he takes care of business when I tell him to; you never know what they are planning up their sleeves

love the picture of her tail!

(I'm not getting notifications of your posts on my Dashboard so I'm going to stop following your blog and then tomorrow start following it again. I hope that will do the trick)