Monday, November 9, 2009


Did Darby and I have fun Sunday morning! And Glenn was there to record some of it with the camera. (Next time I'll remember to show him the zoom function!)

The class is called "Agility Confidence" and the title definitely reflects the effect the activity is having on Darby.

In puppy class she spent a large part of the time nervously barking at the other dogs telling them to stay away. At the first agility class she did an awful lot of barking, too. But, already, in just the second class I can see a difference in her behavior--and the instructor commented on it, too. Today, while we were waiting for our turn, like here at the very short JUMP (made short for everyone, but even shorter for my Short Stuff) she waited quietly with me.

Not only is she not barking at the other dogs so much, but she isn't having to be coaxed into trying new things.  She remembered how fun TUNNEL was and didn't have to be coaxed through again--like some of the dogs did--when we bent it into a U shape and she couldn't see straight through it.

And, she remembered CLIMB and started trying to run instead of trot up then down the other side. 


The instructor promises the class will help develop confidence, grace and improved communication between dog and human.  I'm hoping for confidence for Darby and grace for me!

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That corgi :) said...

how cute! looks like a lot of fun for both of you! glad you could even see a difference between just the two weeks in how Darby responded

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