Saturday, October 3, 2009

We're going to miss you, Bonnie!

Because E&C are flying directly home to San Jose from their honeymoon, they left a lot of things here at our house after the wedding--E's car, wedding presents and Bonnie--and we will be driving all of it up to them.  It was looking like not everything would fit in the car, so I suggested some things that they might be willing to leave behind for the next visit and one of them was Bonnie!

But, for some reason E said "No!  You cannot have my dog!"

Darn it!

We'll miss you Bonnie!  I don't know which of us will miss you more--Darby or me!  

Come visit Grandmother again soon!

P.S.  That's rain on the ground!  Rain is somewhat unusual this time of year here in very Southern California. 


Anonymous said...

Hi! Darby! It's me, Buddy!
Bonnie is sure cute! I know you will miss her. I miss my Luke when he has to go home. He puppy sits me every once in awhile because I can get really bored at home. I do what my person calls naughty things. Does Bonnie come from our blood line? She must. No dog that cute could come from any other.
I have to goodbye for now. I am very worried about my bone. I keep hitting it on the doggie door. Have to find a way to get in and out.

your worried brother, Buddy

a corgi said...

we didn't get rain; just wind and sunny weather :)

oh it is going to be tough to say goodbye to Bonnie; that was nice of you to drive her/things home to your daughter and hubby; is Darby going too?

road trip!!