Monday, October 5, 2009

It was so nice while it lasted

It was so nice while it lasted. Two weeks off of work, my girl here for a week, a wonderful wedding, a week to recuperate with two pups on the sofa with me while I was knitting.

But, all good things come to an end some day and this was no different.  On Saturday, we loaded Erika's car with wedding presents and Bonnie for the long drive north to San Jose. 

Yesterday, we flew back home to San Diego to a much quieter house and the work week starting today.

It sure was nice while it lasted!

P.S.  The honeymooners are home, opening boxes and figuring out where to stash all their wonderful gifts.


a corgi said...

but you have all sorts of wonderful memories to help you get through the work weeks :)


christian and erika said...

I REALLY like that picture of you with the girls on the sofa! I hope you are still letting yours up there with you all the time.

Also, the wedding was beautiful. People cannot stop telling me how great it was. You and daddy did good! :)