Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Guess who might be coming to live with us?

Guess who might be coming to live with us for six months starting in January?


Her human, Erika, may be awarded an internship in Washington, DC. Erika's husband, Christian, loves Bonnie but has a work schedule that makes it impossible for him to get home to let her out on time.

So, if Erika gets the internship, Bonnie will come stay with us!

I wish Darby could understand! She would be so excited!

I am!


Anonymous said...

Hi Darb! Its me Buddy!
Just caught up on your blog. Wow! You've been busy. Love the pumpkins. Remind me of soccer balls. You are very friendly.
We just went to Oak Glen and I had a little trouble getting use to the people. But I finally got friendly and quit barking. You get petted and admired a lot when you behave. Everyone wanted to know what kind of dogs we were and a lot of people stopped to admire Luke. He's my hero! He's very good! Kids had there hands all over him. He didn't mind. I'm still not sure about adults but I love kids.

You are so lucky! You're going to have a corgi of your very own for awhile. Wish Luke could come live with me. I get bored very easily. Isn't it funny how much are lives are alike?!

I met a skunk the other night. I ran like crazy in the house and got my person. She screamed and we ran inside. She gave me lots of treats and told me how good I was for coming to get her. I think he liked me because I'm black and white. We have a curfew now and some awful stuff on the outside of the fence. My person talked on the phone about how scary it was. Exciting don't you think!?

Your brother, Buddy

a corgi said...

oh that would be so much fun for Darby!!


Play it Again Sam said...


Does Darby know yet? I bet she will be excited. I am so used to living with all my cardigan relatives that I can't imagine what it would be like to be an "only child".

Huges and slobbery kisses,


Amy said...

Aww, Bonnie looks so pretty amongst the purple flowers!