Friday, September 25, 2009

Making progress

In spite of all the wedding activity, I've managed to make some progress on the vest I am knitting.

It's nice to have Darby for company while I'm knitting.


a corgi said...

vest looks like it is an intricate pattern with lots of different colors; should be beautiful when it is completed

enjoy the wedding (whenever it is :)

Darby does look adorable on the couch; Koda could be on the opposite end as a book ends :)


Boo's Mom said...

Oh, can I now see how deceptive that photo is....the blue,green and white is actually my knitting bag. The brown--sort of Darby color--is the knitting.

Wedding is today. Pre-wedding get together here for 60 people was a success.

hope for an unexpected cooling trend for us today, OK?


P.S. I loo forward to your comments.