Monday, September 28, 2009

It happened overnight

It happened overnight.


Yesterday, it was summer and today it is fall.

Yesterday there were no leaves on the ground and today half the tree has turned yellow and there is a slow, constant drift of leaves to the ground.

Our daughter's wedding on Saturday was wonderful except for one thing--record breaking heat! 104F! Fortunately, the ceremony was at 6:00 pm and it started cooling down by then, but not as much as the men in their dark tuxedo coats would have liked.

And, here it is two days later and summer is gone. Fall is here; the air is much cooler.

It is even cooler where the honeymooners are--Whitefish, Montana, where it is currently forecast to hit 76 today but only 48 on Wednesday. Good snuggling weather!

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a corgi said...

there is a touch of fall in the air for sure! glad daughter's wedding went well except for the heat! they truly will enjoy Montana and the snuggly weather :)