Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Controlling space

I've been reading Patricia McConnell's books about animal behavior and am seeing real examples of what she describes as "controlling space"--Bonnie controls it and Darby really would like to!

This photo doesn't show it well, but one will walk ahead a bit then curve in to herd the other in the direction she wants to go.

Darby tries to do it with me a lot and she is trying to do it with Bonnie. I just keep walking forward in little tiny steps but I wish I could bend over and nip Darby on the nose like Bonnie does! Bonnie's technique seems to be a little more effective than mine!

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a corgi said...

I'll have to check out that book; I can vouch for the fact Koda likes to control space too (especially on our bed LOL) but he does try to herd us too

cute picture of Bonnie and Darby :)

hot here, bet it is down where you are at