Saturday, August 29, 2009

Who needs Jimmy Carter?

Who needs Jimmy Carter?

Forget the United Nations,

and their peace keeping missions.

Maybe what the world needs now isn't love, sweet, love.

Maybe all we need is freeze dried liver treats.

If the treats could bring Darby and Harry together in peace for a few minutes this morning, maybe they'd work in the Middle East, too!

(Darby was the one interested in the dirty sock, not Harry. I know Harry would want me to point that out.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Darb! It's me Buddy!
People should be more like Corgis. Treats ARE the answer to every problem.

Your Brother Buddy

P.(person)P.S.: Darby we've never seen your pretty back before. You have a beautiful Brindle coat.
Love the ears!

a corgi said...

how cute! this was neat to look at with the pictures and I enjoyed your commentary too. Alas, in our house Koda's mortal enemy is cats.....oh day there will be peace on earth.....but it won't start in Koda's household :)

take care