Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Poor Darby!

Poor Darby!

She was spayed today (Wednesday, the 26th.)

When we got home, she wobbled out to the backyard for a potty break, wobbled back in, then proceeded to follow me from room to room--laying down if I stopped, then lumbering to her feet when I moved.

So, I lead her to her crate where she laid down with a sigh.

When I came back with my phone to take a photo, she looked up -- pitifully:

then went back to sleep:

I'm not sure she will be able to make it up the stairs tonight; if not, I'll sleep on the sofa downstairs with her.

Poor baby!

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a corgi said...

poor Darby! but you made the right decision to spay her! at least she didn't have to wear that silly cone like Koda did when he got neutered since he kept playing with his stitches.

she'll be up and running soon!