Sunday, June 28, 2009

What Bonnie and Darby did yesterday

This is what Bonnie did yesterday:

and, this:

and, this:

and, this:

then, finally this to cool off after all that hard work:

This is what Darby was doing while Bonnie was doing all that:

This was Bonnie's first time in with sheep. At first, she didn't know what to do, then suddenly it clicked and away she went. She especially didn't like it when a sheep would break away from the others! She has a real hall monitor mentality.

Darby, for once, didn't complain about being held, and slept a big part of the time on Aunt Kathy's lap in the shade. She was very good with the other Corgis she met. She seems to do better with older dogs. Puppies seem to frighten her.

There were only two other cardigans--one brindle very similar to Darby and one black with brindle points. The rest of the dogs were all Pembrokes, with an odd other breed dog thrown in here and there.

I have to say our two girls were far and away the best behaved--no inappropriate, annoying barking and they sat pretty to be petted.

It was a good outing for the last day of Erika's and Bonnie's visit. We're going to miss them so much!

Too bad Bonnie doesn't go to school. She would have something fun to write about in her "What I did on my summer vacation" essay!

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