Monday, June 15, 2009

Warm Weather

I hope we don't see any live ones of these this year:

In the eleven years we've lived here, we have only seen one rattlesnake in our yard. It was a baby, furiously shaking its rattle while our golden retriever and our rottie/german shepherd mix danced around it! I shooed them behind the gate and ran for a shovel. When I caught up with it on the grass, I wasn't strong enough, close enough, a good enough aim, but do anything but deal it a glancing blow with the shovel. That made it coil up and rattle even more furiously! Fortunately, a neighbor man was home and came over and dispatched it for me.

We've only seen that one in our yard, but neighbors on both sides of us and across the street have had rattlesnakes in their yards, and one friend down the road came home to a nearly 5 foot long one curled up inside her sunroom -- near the door left partially open for her miniature daschund (who thankfully wasn't bitten.)

I am enjoying the serious "June gloom" weather we've been having the last several weeks and am not at all looking forward to the coming warm weather waking up all those sleeping rattlesnakes.

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