Thursday, June 18, 2009

I "heart" cardigans, or how I got Darby--the long story

I got Darby from Detroit--sort of.

A few years ago, my sister and I were returning to San Diego from our annual visit with our aunts and cousins in Michigan.

While we were waiting for our luggage at the carousel, I noticed an "I 'heart' Cardigans" tag on the bag of a woman standing next to me who had been on our flight.

I said "I'll bet that's not referring to sweaters, is it?" and she, Mary Gretchen Belloff, said "No! I breed Cardigan Welsh Corgis." We chatted for a bit about my daughter's cardigan (dog, not sweater!)and about the dogs Ms. Belloff bred and I asked for her contact information.

When our two big dogs died early this year and I was ready for a puppy, I couldn't find Ms. Belloff's contact information so I started "Googling" and eventually "detroit cardigan corgis" or some combination of words took me to her website.

I sent her an email, but didn't hear anything for a few weeks. Then suddenly one day, I received an email. Her website was defunct, she said, but she just happened to check its associated email box that day. She no longer bred cardi's--only judged them--but she put me in touch with Kim Shira and Leda Thompson of Coedwig Cardigans and the rest is history!

So, in some round-about way, I got Darby from Detroit!

(Never posted this cute photo from her first week with us.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Darby,
My person loves that story. We are kinda wonderful aren't we? She thinks I'm very smart, handsome and terrific. I'd say more but it might sound conceited.
My ears are still giving me trouble. Keep up the good thoughts. Have fun with your "big dog" Bonnie. She's very pretty.

Brother Buddy