Monday, May 4, 2009

Cool Weather and Little Turbulence

Looks like Darby will come home to us this Wednesday, May 6th!

I can't wait!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good, cool weather in Fayetteville and Dallas so she will be able to fly and for as little turbulence as possible so her flights will be comfortable.

I'm praying her breeder, Leda, has an easy, safe, weather-free drive to (and from) the airport--2 1/2 hours from her home!! She is leaving home at 4:00AM to get Darby to the airport on time!

Here in El Cajon, all is ready: the gate we'll use to keep Darby confined to our large, upstairs bathroom (until she is reliably housebroken) arrived today, her bed is in place, I'm on vacation for a week starting Wednesday--we're all set! We even got a "Congratulations" card from my sister:

P.S. I feel the need to add that we will keep Darby confined to the bathroom only when we cannot supervise her. Otherwise she'll be with us! Or off tormenting poor Harry, probably!

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