Sunday, December 9, 2012


Have you ever played Words With Friends?

I've been playing with the same "Friend" for about 18 months now.    I have no idea what his real name is, but after 18 months I know a lot about him.

He lives in Minnesota, has grown children and a girlfriend.   He's had both knees replaced in the time we've been playing. (We've both played from hospital beds.)  He thinks "resigning" from a difficult game is a big no-no.  (I agree.)  His relatives in New York City were mightily inconvenienced by Hurricane Sandy, but fortunately had no damage to property or person.   He travels a lot -- most recently to Colorado for a family Thanksgiving get together where he tried out his new knees on the ski slopes and found that while the knees were fine, everything else takes a little longer to recover from a day on the slopes than it used to.  He agrees with me that those WWF cheater apps are crummy and never resorts to them even when desperate.   He wakes up early sometimes and stays awake late -- I can tell by the times he plays.  We're well matched as WWF  opponents -- I think we're close to tied up over the 18 months we've been playing, although each of us has had long winning streaks that the other was determined to break.  He is a gracious loser although he admits to HATING to lose.  We both love when we manage to make long words and hate when the screen is filled with "hats" and "cats."  I believe I still hold the record for the highest scoring word -- 99 points; I've forgotten the word and he might dispute my claim.  We've each learned new words from the other.  He is polite -- he apologizes if he uses a word like "shat."
I've learned a lot about my WWF friend over the last 18 months or so.  But one of the things I don't know is whether or not he has a canine friend to snuggle with while he plays. 

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christian and erika said...

I really like this post mom. Something so amazing about being connected to someone for that long in such an interesting way. It sort of makes me think of pen pals way back when people only had letters to write. :)