Saturday, December 8, 2012

The one good one...

These poor dogs of mine.  Christian got me a new camera for Christmas this year... a Canon DSLR.  Yes, I got to open it early, though he threatens to make me put it back in the box so he can wrap it up for Christmas morning if I don't stop clicking all over the house.

These dogs of mine are probably fed up with being positioned, shoved together, asked to stay, and then subjected to all the high pitched noises I can make to get their attention.  Christian was the one getting their attention in this photo as I lay on the floor hoping to get a good shot.  I took nearly 50 pictures to get this one good photo.

It's times like this when I realize how good of a photographer a person had to be in order to get a good shot with a non-digital camera.  We are so spoiled with the ability to see how our pictures turn out instantly, and the ability to take 50 shots and delete 49 of them.  I am a youngster but I still remember the days when I had to take film to the store to have it developed.  How did they turn out?  Did I forget I already used that roll and used it again only to get a double exposure? Was everything blurry?  Did I use enough flash?  Shoot! Someone blinked.  I even remember having to use disposable flash bulbs!

I hope you all enjoy this one good one as much as I do :)


Taryn said...

Cute picture! You are going to LOVE that camera! DSLRs are so wonderful! Before too long B&B will be so used to being photographed, they will just start posing when they see the camera. Use a lot of treats and they will love the camera. I know my guys do.

Lois said...

HA ! Ah yes.....still, they are the best subjects. Great pic

scotsmad said...

And you had to pay for all those blurry photos! Yay for digital!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

How about the flash cubes?