Thursday, October 18, 2012

Final Installment of Vacation Photos -- STILL no Corgi Content

OK.  I promise.  This is the final installment of my vacation photos.

I've saved the best for last. 

I give you "Weird Vacation Photos."
 Strange angled shot of Empire State Building.  "Something" on a roof.  If it's ever missing, the owner should come search Glenn's workshop.  I like the "Don't Block the Box" sign; too bad people don't obey it!
Have you ever eaten dulse?  I have.  A little strange, but tasty.  I like the crispy variety.  The four of us.  I'm the short one and the only one who tried the sample of dulse.  Glenn posing with the carved wood people in St. John's, New Brunswick.  The second ambulance we saw carting away someone from our ship who had fallen.  Altogether, we saw 5 -- FIVE -- people fall! 
 I was amazed by the amount of gum stuck to New York City streets.  I like the foggy photo.  And couldn't resist getting a shot of the garbage barge.
People looking at themselves in Time Square; we're in the lower middle/right.  Dancers at a community center in the Chinatown area of NYC where we were stopped while the driver of our double-decker tour bus, which had its mirror clipped by a semi, waited for his supervisor to give him the OK to continue the tour.  Oops!  Don't Block the Box duplicated.  A squirrel on the grounds of St. Paul's Chapel across from "Ground Zero."  Glenn wondered aloud how many generations of squirrels had lived in that very, very old cemetery. 
Glenn relaxing on the balcony off our stateroom.  Don't you love his choice of cruise shoes?  If I outlive him, I'm burying him those boots!  A warning at the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove, Halifax.

And now, the weirdest of the weird:
As we hurried to catch our Hop-On-and-Off bus in NYC,  I noticed this single butterfly wing fluttering in a sidewalk grate and had to get a photo.

 A near -- very, very near -- miss between another one of our tour buses and a parked car.

Glenn (to the left of the man in the yellow jacket) about to get splashed at the blow hole in Acadia National Park.  Fortunately, he was wearing a Gortex jacket and didn't get drenched like some people did!

Our traveling companions bundled under three airline blankets each.  The emergency exit doors on this plane were especially drafty! 

So, there you have it!  The last of my vacation photos.  Thanks for looking.

Corgi content resumes on Friday! 


scotsmad said...

Enjoyed your trip. We think SHE would have lost points because SHE doesn't even understand the sign...don't block the box.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Taryn said...

Why did so many people fall? Wet decks? Or falling down steps?

Boo's Mom said...

Daisy, the "don't block the box" sign is an attempt to prevent gridlock on NYC streets. Here's an article about a similar campaign in Boston:

Taryn, 4 of the 5 falls were on uneven pavement of some sort -- on the gangway getting off the ship, in a tiled area of the ship, on pavement around a fort we visited, on cobblestones. The fifth was at the blow hole where Glenn got wet. I can't help but wonder how many other falls there were. There were 3,000 passengers on our ship. What are the odds we saw the only 5 falls??

Lois said...

Totally enjoyed the trip !! Thanks much !