Thursday, December 15, 2011

Welcome Home Bailey!

He's here!

And Bonnie loves him!

I will admit to being a little worried about my sweet girl.  She has only lived with Darby and only for 8 months.  Before that, and most of her 7 years, she has been an only dog.

But yesterday, when we brought Bailey home, it was like we brought home her long lost brother.

They have been getting along so well.  And Bailey butt has become a real mama's boy.  Perhaps he already was, but I had to practically peel him off of me to do this post.  Even as I am writing this he is shuffling around on the couch next to me trying to get himself comfortable.  I'm guessing as soon as I put the laptop down he will be right back in my lap.  I LOVE it.   I love my sweet dogS!  :)

Here are a few more photos of the Bailey Butt.  I'm gonna get back to scratching my pack.


Sammy said...

Hey Bailey,

Doesn't look like you are missing us at all. What a plush life you have already, a real couch potato. We all still kinda miss you, especially Sandie, since she was the one who you always played with. But you look happy and content, so that is a good thing. Be good and be happy. You will always be a part of us here in Arkansas.

Your cousin Sammy

Boo's Mom said...

Nice down booties. Oh, yeah. The dogs are pretty nice, too! Love, Mom

scotsmad said...

They're beautiful and it's sooooo good that they have accepted each other quickly!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Lois said...

Just....PERFECT....what beauties !