Thursday, December 15, 2011

The new kid

Poor Bailey had quite a day yesterday.  Leda and he left home in Mountain Home very early to drive to the airport.  Then he was delayed when his flight had to be rerouted through Chicago because of bad weather in the Dallas area.  So he had to go North in order to go East! I guess that was better than the original arrangement that took him West so he could go East! His flight from Chicago to Richmond was also delayed.  He was supposed to arrive in Richmond around 4:00 but didn't make it until 7:00.  Erika said he was very subdued.  That's how I feel when I land in Richmond after having left home very early in the morning!

Erika says Bonnie showed no signs that anything in her life had changed --she sniffed Bailey a couple of times and then went about business and usual.

Here is the email update Erika sent Leda and me this morning:
Bailey Butt did well last night.  We all went to bed around 11pm (later than normal but I couldn't stop petting him).   He was very quiet in his crate all night until I got him up this morning at around 5:30.  He went potty in the backyard with Bonnie and then had breakfast in his crate.   He is still a little stand-offish but better this morning.  Bonnie seems to be happy as a clam.  I am going home at lunch to hang out with both of them, and then later tonight we will try a quick walk around the block. 

I did not send photos because it got late pretty quick last night and I was not peeling myself away from him to get on the computer.  I will see about sending you both some tonight.  :)
Erika did manage to send one phone-photo of the dog she says is "the most beautiful dog" she has ever seen. 

Let's just not tell Bonnie, Darby and Pumpkin she said that, OK?  


Taryn said...

Poor pup, it sounds like a rough day! He will probably need a couple days to recover from all the stress.

scotsmad said...

He is certainly striking looking. Poor boy, what a trip! We're sure he'll settle down quickly with all the attention.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy