Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bonnie says... "Hurry up and get here Bailey!" (GUEST POST)

Bonnie says... "Hurry up and get here Bailey... that way my mom can stop embarassing JUST me in these videos and include you too!" 

My mom has apparently "run out" of "interesting" blog fodder for today (and after her recent 1004 posts, who could blame her)... so, I have graciously offered to step in.  I suppose I need the practice as Bonnie and Bailey will soon be joining the bi-coastal ranks of  Darby's Daily!  And like the many other annoying bizzare creepy fantasitc similarities I am seeing between myself and my mother as I get older, I suppose I can now add blogging to the list. :) 

I am not sure if Bonnie actually is excited about the arrival of Bailey.  I ask her every night if she is excited, but all I get are blank stares and the occasional yawn.   Sometimes I say things like "ARE YOU SOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THE BAILEY-BUTT COMING TO LIVE WITH US?" in a cute squeeky kind of voice... but then she just runs and grabs the de-stuffed opossum toy and stands looking at me with it hanging out of her mouth.

Two days ago I bought Bailey a big wire crate where he will sleep in our bedroom.  It has a nice fluffy AKC dark blue crate matt inside.  When I opened the door to adjust the matt Bonnie shoved her way past me and laid down in the crate.  She has not slept in a crate for almost six years.  I guess in typical dog fashion things aren't very interesting until they belong to someone else. 

Bonnie is very interested in the arrival of the Milk Bones.  Treats aren't a common occurance for the Bonster.  She gets food in her orange treat ball... but that's about it.  Bailey, I'm told, gets a Milk Bone before bed.  I want him to feel quite at home so I will continue the tradition until we make some of our own.

The only creature I am really concerned about is Rocco the Ferret.  He already gets quite a bit of "love" from Bonnie.  I don't know if he could take much more from Bailey. 

See you all soon!  And please pray for a safe flight on Wednesday for the Bailey Butt! 

- Erika, Bonnie, and Rocco the Ferret in VA


Becky said...

We hope we get to see lots of pictures of Bailey! We would love to see the videos but since they are private, we can respect that!

christian and erika said...

Ooops Becky! The videos weren't supposed to be private... I think I have fixed them now. Guess I'll have to learn a bit more about blogging as I go along :)

Becky said...

Oh! How nice! Thank you! Luv 'em! Thanks so much for sharing! Can't wait to see Bailey. What a great Christmas present! Blues are magic you know!

scotsmad said...

Rocco will have his paws full! You'll have to tell us about introducing a new dog to a ferret!!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

Boo's Mom said...

Erika there is NOTHING annoying, bizarre and creepy about me. I have no idea what you are talking about. (-: It will be fun to have you blogging with me from time to time!

Taryn said...

Does Rocco actually/really play with Bonnie? You have no fear she will make a meal out of him?

christian and erika said...

None what so ever Taryn. At first I was a little concerned, but that video is actually from last year. As of now, they play for hours if I let them. Bonnie looks like she is eating him, but this is how she use to play with the cat Owen she grew up with. Rocco now makes his playful ferret chirping noises while playing with her so I know he is having fun too. Rocco also seems to be a pretty bomb proof ferret, little phases him, except going outside on his leash...that is not a favorite.

Lois said...

OMG the videos cracked me up, more, more, please !! Can't get over Bonnie and Rocco playing like that, crazy cute !!