Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday evening

Crows heading home to roost in the avocado groves across the canyon from us.
Weatherpeople are predicting thunder showers all across San Diego County for Tuesday.  Seems like the clouds might be predicting the same....   hope, I hope they are right!  UPDATE Early Tuesday morning:  they were right! Lots of flashes and booms throughout the night -- pretty rare in Southern California.
We put up the lights for Erika's party a few weeks ago and like them so much I think we'll leave them up.
One big party light!
It is getting dark earlier and we are spending more time inside.  It's nice when it's peaceful time.    (Please ignore dog smudges on the wall.)


Becky said...

Very peaceful! Nice!

Francesca said...

the sky and bird shots are beautiful, Melissa! And so is your climate ...

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm a bit of a lurker. Really enjoy the blog and all the corgi life.

We had the same dog smudges on our wall from our corgi mix. They make me smile.

Thanks. :)