Friday, April 15, 2011


Remember Bonnie?  Even though I have my two sweet girls, I still miss Bonnie sometimes.  She is the first Corgi I ever knew.  I used to see her and her human, Erika, every six weeks or so when they lived in Northern California.  But, now that Bonnie moved to Virginia with Erika and her husband, I don't get to see any of them very often.

Here's a photo of Bonnie snoozing on Erika's and Christian's bed a few days ago. 

I think Bonnie likes being the only dog, again.  And she loves getting to sleep with Erika and Christian.  While we babysat her for those 8 months, she had to sleep in a dog bed. 

Here are some more critters we don't get to see often enough:

Darby's mother, Bryn, on the left and her side-kick Dinah, enjoying the spring air last weekend on their deck in Portland, Maine.

Here is Bryn's and Dinah's male human, Mike, in a photo also taken last weekend; Wendy is behind the camera.

Note the way Mike is dressed.  I guess Spring is different in Maine from here in San Diego...

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Taryn said...

Nice to see Bonnie again!