Friday, April 15, 2011

Before, during and after breakfast this morning

This morning, while my oatmeal cooked, I sat at the kitchen table with the backdoor open listening to the birds and knitting.

At one point, Darby heard or saw something at the back fence and

took off to investigate.

Pumpkin couldn't be left out so she and her sleepy ear (thank you for the fitting term, Bailey) headed out that way, too. 

But, I guess the l-o-n-g walk out to the fence was too much for Pumpkin this morning and she decided to rest under the patio coffee table.

A moment later, Harry became interested in something outside, too.

My oatmeal (really "Old World Cereal Blend" from here)  tasted especially good this morning, maybe helped along by good vibes from the bowl Erika made for me.

The view out the kitchen window was so pretty, that after I finished my cereal, I stepped outside to capture all that fresh green on camera.

I hope your Friday started as well as mine did!


H Ski said...

Looks like a great Friday morning for everybody!

Becky said...

Beautiful morning! Way to get started. Godd for you guys! Have a great rest of the weekend!

scotsmad said...

What a glorious morning. We love sitting outside while SHE has coffee.....and easing into the day.

Love the 'sleepy ear' term.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella