Saturday, February 5, 2011

Answer to the Quiz

OK. So I guess that little quiz from yesterday wasn't all that difficult given the fact that it never snows heavily in San Diego. Taryn, it does snow, just not very often and not very much.  I have a vivid memory from high school (40 years ago!!) of 300-400 giggly, teen-aged girls in our Catholic High School uniforms dancing around outside while snow flakes fell on us.  Of course, it didn't snow long or hard enough for it to stick, but it was exciting and it is a nice memory.  We do get snow every year in the mountains an hour or so east of us--so while it doesn't snow and stay on the ground in the city of San Diego, it most definitely does in the County of San Diego!

So, back to the dog in the snow and how he/she is related to Darby.

He is Darby's uncle, Spencer.  A litter mate to Darby's mom, Coedwig's Temptation "Bryn." 

And, here's the corgi magic part.

Some of you will remember the unbelievable, chance meeting I had last March with Bryn, her humans Wendy and Mike and their other dog Dinah while they were visiting San Diego from Maine.

Well, a few months later, Wendy, Mike, Bryn and Dinah had another meeting, this time back home in Maine, that turned out as magically.  I'll let Mike tell the story:

"Wendy and I were walking Bryn and Dinah last August and stopped to talk with a friend we'd not seen in several months. A few minutes into that conversation we were approached by a woman who asked if we'd tell her about our dogs. We, of course, are always eager for that question. (We meet strange and wonderful people that way- and their magic dogs.) She explained that her last dog had died several months earlier and that she felt she was ready for another dog in her life. She'd been watching our two, she said, and was impressed with their calm manner. Wendy and I told her about our experience with Cardis, and I promised to send her the names of two breeders we've dealt with and trust. One was Dinah's in Oklahoma; the other was Coedwig. Not two days after that on-the-street meeting, I got an e-mail from the woman, Michelle, letting me know she'd been to both websites and had learned that a North Carolina owner of a Coedwig-bred 4 year-old named Spencer needed to sell him. That led to discussions between the dog's owner,  Kim Shira of Coedwig, and Michelle. After everyone felt assured about everyone else, the NC woman who owned Spencer agreed to sell him to Michelle AND to bring him personally to Maine.  Before Spencer arrived in Maine, his owner had sent photos of him to Michelle which she then shared with us. I was stunned by the close resemblance between him and Bryn and asked Michelle to tell me as much as she could about his background. A day or so later, she sent me the pedigree that the owner had just sent to her. Again, I was amazed. Not only were Bryn and Spencer Coedwig Cardis, they were litter mates. Magic, indeed! No doubt about it." 

Isn't that a great story?  A corgi magic story -- as Buddy's human would say. 

One of the things that is most interesting to me is the close resemblance of Bryn and Spencer to each other, and Darby to them.  In fact, as I mentioned in my March 11, 2010 post and as Mike mentions in his story above, the striking resemblance is what lead us to probe and discover their connections in the first place.

Wendy and Mike and their two cardis will be visiting San Diego in a few weeks and we'll be getting together again--maybe even taking the girls to a sheep ranch in the mountains east of us to see what they think of herding sheep!  We're really looking forward to seeing them again!

You know, it just occurred to me that we have been attributing these wonderful stories to corgi magic.  But, maybe it is Wendy & Mike magic, too.  After all, they and Bryn are common denominators in both of these stories!


scotsmad said...

What a wonderful story! Strange things do happen.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Anonymous said...

I love the story! Thanks for sharing and confirming the magic.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I happen to be the "woman from NC" who made the heart-wrenching decision to rehome Spencer. I am very glad that we made the trip to Maine so we could meet Michelle & her family, & see for ourselves the love they have for Spencer. They are a wonderful family. He is an amazing dog & we miss him tremendously. We were also pleased to meet Mike & his wife. Another twist: I'm also originally from San Diego. This truly has been an amazing story!