Monday, February 28, 2011

Leda, we're sorry

Leda, we're sorry; really sorry.

But, we broke it.

You sent us a perfectly, perfect Cardigan with ears standing up tall and proud like they should be, and this is what we did with it -- err, I mean her:

You entrusted us with a second of your precious Corgwyn, one with perfectly huge, perfect ears and look what we let happen: 

Unilateral ear floppage.  

Only that ear flops and it only flops sometimes, not always.  When she comes alert to a noise or we call her, that ear manages to stand right up like it was when you waved goodbye to the Pumpkin-girl at the Branson airport last Fall. 

But, when she is sleepy or content, it flops.

I've felt it very carefully and can't feel any bumps or see any bruising (like what might have come from too vigorous head-shaking or even some tugging by another Corgi who shall remain nameless; they do play long and hard!)   My careful feeling, rubbing and gentle squeezing don't seem to bother her at all.  I can't find a cut or scar; it just seems like her ear lifting and holding mechanism has developed a mind of its own!

She's still as cute, and playful, healthy and fun as ever.  All we broke is her ear--and it is only broken sometimes. Here she is a few minutes later with both ears up -- although one eye is closed! (And, no not permanently closed; we didn't break her eye, too!)

We didn't break her completely, so please, please don't take her back, OK?  We'd be lost without our Lil' Shitski!


Elizabeth said...

Great photos! Dewi's left ear flopped like that until he was nearly 10 mos old; I'd put a strip of tape over the back (like a breathe-right strip) and then one day, poof, it never fell again. Pumpkin doesn't seem to mind the floppage, though. :)

Builder Mama said...

Rufus' left ear flopped off and on until he was almost one - then it never looked down, I mean back, again.

scotsmad said...

Strange things happen!

XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

Becky said...

"Corgi ears" are a puzzle sometimes! The very tips of the Bear's go back when he tired...long about evening!


Boo's Mom said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone. It's good to hear of other Corgis whose ears haven't behaved as expected and then turned out just fine. Of course I don't really think Leda would ask me to give Pumpkin back (although I know she likes this pup very, very much.) I don't mind the flop and it doesn't seem to bother Pumpkin at all. I took Leda's and Elizabeth's advice and taped her ear -- masking tape on the back and front. Have to admit that I'm a little concerned that she might do more harm pawing at the tape. It's still on this morning; we'll see if it's still on this evening! Thanks for the encouragement!

Lori @ According to Gus said...

I love her floppy's adorable. :)

The photo of Darby and Pumpkin with their noses between the banisters is absolutely precious!