Thursday, February 24, 2011

Keeping their distance

I gave the girls fresh marrow bones this afternoon.  After an initial fight in which Pumpkin tried to take away Darby's bone while still holding her own in her mouth, and with Darby protesting mightily and managing to hang on to hers, they settled down a distance away from each other to gnaw.


It's nice to have the sun still up when I get home in the early evening.  In spite of those clouds, spring is on the way!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Darby! Great "hanging on to your bone!" I'm having that issue with the Bear over MY toys!

Bailey Be Good! said...

I wouldn't know ANYONE who takes away stuffz from other doggies! *cough*

Woofs & hugs *while I wait not-so-patiently for my webhosting company to fix my site!*