Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So, most of you reading this blog have a dog.  Probably more than one.  Some of you Leda have way more than one.  And, many of you have crates for these dogs--car crates and, if you're like me, house crates, too.

And, unless you have spent a fortune on one of those beautiful wood crates, your crates are probably pretty unattractive just like mine.  And, if you're like me and have two of those unattractive crates crowded into your bedroom and use one as your nightstand, you're probably pretty unhappy about how unattractive they really are.

Well, I have a solution for you:  Art.

No, not artwork--Art.  As in the male, furniture-making half of Old Colony Primitives.

I told Art my dilemma, gave him some dimensions and a general idea of what I was after and look what he made for me:

Lovely, pine crate toppers!

Pretty and functional tops for the unattractive but functional crates our girls sleep in because Glenn is too mean to let them sleep in bed with us.

Please ignore my only partially made bed.  (I heard on the news recently that not making one's bed may provide some relief for people with allergies.  Evidently, the mites that none of us want to think about but all of us have to one degree or another, don't do well in crumpled, unmade beds.  It's true!  You can read about it here.  When I lived in Italy many years ago, I learned to always fold bed linens back toward the foot of the bed to allow the bed to "air" during the day.  Those Italian friends of mine were pretty smart, and they sure could cook!)

So, anyway, back to the crate toppers.  Aren't they pretty?  Would the little antique child's roll top desk that I used to use as a night stand be prettier?  Yes, but as long as we need crates because Glenn says no dogs on the bed*, I'm sure glad Art created this pretty solution for me.
I bet he saved the plans and you might be able to talk him into making one (or more) for you, too!

* Actually, even if Glenn suddenly decided it was OK to have the girls sleep with us, I probably would keep them sleeping in crates at night.  I've read things here and there about crate sleeping being a good thing.  But, it's probably like just about everything --whatever works for YOU is the best thing.


Taryn said...

That IS a cool top. I bet your friend could sell quite a few of them! I don't use crates in the house so I don't need one, but I would definitely get one if I did!

Anonymous said...

Very impressive! We're impressed!

scotsmad said...

We don't use crates.....we ARE the art! BOL But that's a great idea. We didn't even know they WERE crates at first!

SHE is very excited to know there is a reason SHE sometimes doesn't make the bed!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

penni said...

First of all, boo Glenn. Sleeping with your cardis lowers your heart rate.

I'll bet Art could put the toppers on ebay and sell a great many. Because my dogs consider the crate door a target best hit at a full-out run, I'm not sure the topper would stay on top of the crate for very long. However, I love the way they look.

Elizabeth said...

Our two are crated in our bedroom to sleep, too - because the cats had already claimed the bed. unfortunately, the crates will have to remain eye-sores for various reasons. GREAT idea though!

P.S. I remember fanny-pack mania. I only wore mine to amusement parks though. :)

Boo's Mom said...

I TOLD Art that people would like the toppers. It IS nice to know that not making your bed can be good for you, huh, Daisy and Co? Penni, poo on Glenn is RIGHT! Art anticipated the toppers getting jostled and built a lip around the bottom of three sides to prevent them from being pushed off. He's a smart cookie, that man! If they weren't going to be used up against a wall, having the lip on all four sides would work. Elizabeth, fanny-packs WERE great, weren't they? Especially for outings like to the zoo or amusement parks, hiking, etc., and I think they are still a great idea for use during agility/obedience class and things like that where you need your "stuff" with you but need your hands free.