Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Herding cats

I love the expression "like herding cats" to describe a difficult, confused, frustrating and only-partially successful process.

It has occurred to me more than once that Darby and Pumpkin usually don't chase Harry, they herd or drove him.  And sometimes they even appear to cooperate with each other as in this (crummy) photo where Darby walked in front of Harry, seemingly, to prevent him from reaching the safety of the child-gate protected laundry room.
But, Pumpkin wasn't skilled enough to maintain the rear flank (is there a "rear" flank? or only right and left flanks??) and Harry managed to push his way past her and run into the other room. 

Herding cats isn't easy! Even for corgis!

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Elizabeth said...

My two Cardi boys also tag team my cats, and on occasion, I've had to "rescue" one (cat) from the bottom of a slobbery Cardi pile. (Which incidentally would be very bad herding, but then again, sheep can't go vertical.) :)