Thursday, December 2, 2010

Melissa's Penance

It is 2:58.  AM.  In the morning.  Well BEFORE the butt-crack of dawn.

And, I am awake because Pumpkin refuses to be asleep.

Well, she refuses to be asleep inside her crate.  She is currently sleeping with Darby on the staircase landing.

At 1:30 she started whimpering wanting to go out.

She did, in fact, need to pee and poop.  That's reasonable.

But, then she refused to get back in her crate without me manhandling her into it.

After I managed to stuff her into her crate,  she whined and whimpered for another 15 minutes before Darby started, followed shortly by Harry the cat sleeping in the downstairs laundry room.

Whines, whimpers and cat-yodels punctuated periodically by my SHHHHH!s woke Glenn up. (Ordinarily a bomb wouldn't wake him up, but he is sleeping rather lightly lately--still unable to get totally comfortable after his surgery.)  So, we headed downstairs, let Harry out of the laundry room, and here I am.

Both girls headed for the staircase landing and promptly fell asleep.

I tell you--this Pumpkin-girl of mine seems to have been sent to help me do penance for my sins!  She sure is lucky she is so darned cute!


Sammy said...

Sammy's PA here--

Looks like Pumpkin is going through the "terrible twos". You probably didn't notice it with Darby because she had a senior member--Bonnie--to keep her in line. It doesn't appear that Darby is up to the task of keeping her in line. She will probably settle down again. It's like obedience class--all the dogs do great week 1 and 2. Then somewhere between week 3 and 4 they have forgotten everything they learned. Then week 5 it's all back to normal.

What's with the tennis ball? Is she pulling/peeling it apart?


Boo's Mom said...

The "terrible twos" is right! This too, shall pass! She likes to drag around that falling-apart tennis ball by the loose strip. I just love her jaunty, springy trot!