Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Maybe this blog needs a new name

Maybe this blog needs a new name.

Something like "Pumpkin's Transgressions." 

When I came home today Darby wasn't wearing her collar.  It isn't a particularly good one--I bought it at PetCo when she outgrew the last nice Lupine * collar that Pumpkin is now wearing--so I wasn't surprised that the buckle had broken.

But, when I found the collar in the backyard, the buckle wasn't broken.  It was, however, quite soggy; like someone had sucked on it.  Of course, I thought of Pumpkin right away, but I couldn't figure out how she got the collar off Darby.

I soon found out.

While dinner was cooking, the girls settled in under the computer table and I checked my email and sorted through my regular mail.  After awhile, I realized one of them was making a funny noise--sort of like a dog makes when its nostrils are half buried in its fur while it searches for a flea.  Only louder.  With a funny, clicking noise of something hard periodically hitting something else hard.  I looked under the table just in time to see Pumpkin look up from where she had been nuzzling around Darby's neck.  At the same time, Darby's collar dropped off onto the dog bed.

The Lil' Shitski had nibbled (there are barely any teeth marks) on the collar buckle and managed--TWICE--to un-buckle it!

Leda warned me!

Maybe this is penance for my transgressions.

Maybe I should change the name of the blog to "Melissa's Penance."

* I have no affiliation with Lupine; I just like their collars.

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Heidi Malott said...

What a talented little girl, my goodness. Lovely pictures of the vally with homes in yesterday's post. Very dream-like.