Saturday, November 6, 2010


We have a thief in the house.
A thief who seems to have a thing for Glenn's things.

First it was the TV remote. Then mail that Glenn left on the table next to his chair.

Then this morning, the remote, a bill from his dentist and his WALLET! All stolen and taken (with some trouble, too, since the remote is almost as big as the thief!) to the middle landing of the stairs* where presumably, the thief gloated over her take even as she slobbered all over it.

Now that this thief has stolen Glenn's wallet, maybe she and I can form a partnership?

* Too bad I didn't think to include a the stairs in a shot and this could have been a Saturday Steps post, too! Sorry, George the Lad!

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Anonymous said...

Pumpkin is a true kindred spirit. She's a good girl though, she didn't chew. I got in a lot of trouble over the remotes because I couldn't control my urge to chew!
BOL! (that's a new one I've never seen before. It's barking out loud, canine version of LOL! My person saw it on the internet.)Great post! Thanks for sharing!