Saturday, November 6, 2010

First night outside after dark

Well, I might be exaggerating a bit by saying yesterday evening was our first night outside after dark, but it was the first time Darby, Pumpkin and I have played outside after dark this year.  Other times we were pooping or peeing -- well, they were anyway, I was just out there with them!

Last night, by the time we were finished with dinner, checking the mail, and looking at The Daily Corgi calendar * that arrived in the mail,  it was dark outside.  I brought the camera out with us, anyway, and here are the results.

Ball girl
Can you see the swish of Darby's tale in this photo, the previous one and the next one?
I love looking in people's windows at night--even my own!
Bone girl
Lots of tangerines; maybe ready by Christmas!

*(Darby's photo is in March and Bonnie's is in August.  I didn't submit one of Pumpkin because she wasn't officially mine yet and I was squeaking in under the deadline and didn't have time to get permission from Leda.)

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