Thursday, November 25, 2010



Sammy said...

Hey Darbs and Pumpkin,

Were these pictures taken after dinner? You all look full and satiated and sleepy. We didn't get any turkey cause my PA took her mom to dinner. But that's okay, we eat good everyday. Hope you didn't f**t much after eating the turkey [hee hee :-)]

Your bro and cousin Sammy

Lois said...

You have 2 darling and gorgeous girls, thanks for sharing pics !

Boo's Mom said...

Thanks, Lois. They are sweet girls and they were SO good with my little niece and nephew.

Sammy, the girls didn't f**t much after eating turkey, but both of them had not-so-nice poop, yesterday. I'm sure it wasn't only the turkey--probably all the other tidits that no one could resist giving them! I'm thinking this Thanksgiving was a not so happy for your PA and her mom; they must be missing your PA's dad very much.