Saturday, November 27, 2010

Someone is a naughty girl

When Darby came to live with us, Leda warned us that a corgi might not be too kind to the plants in our backyard.  But, Darby has been a perfect angel.  She hasn't destroyed a single plant--only stolen a few tomatoes, bell peppers, and zinnias what were growing within her reach.  Oh, yeah, and then there is the Feverfew that used to grow all over our backyard but now gets grazed on as soon as it sprouts.

Pumpkin has NOT been a perfect angel.  Most definitely not!

When it was no longer enough fun or challenge to destroy plants, she started working on the pots the plants live in.  This week she broke two fairly large pots that contained lovely succulents (if succulents can be lovely) and then decided to empty a pot and steal the pot itself.

Here is the photographic evidence:

She is so darned cute, it's hard to be mad at her!


Taryn said...

Too cute! Her little guilty looks are adorable!

Boo's Mom said...

She IS adorable. An adorable stinker!

Peanut said...

She is cute in that picture! Does she know "Drop it"? If she does then that would have been easier, but wow, she stole plants. did she eat them? :)

Boo's Mom said...

She does know "drop it" but if I had told her to drop it, I wouldn't have the cute, guilty look photos to share with you! (-: She didn't eat the plants; just played with them.

Amy said...

Lucky for her she's really, really cute...even when she is up to no good!