Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We live on a canyon and in this area that means dealing with wildlife.  We see and hear coyotes on a regular basis.  The first year we moved in, we saw a bobcat a few times but no one we know has seen once since.  We see and hear lots of different birds, from ordinary finches and sparrows to red-tailed hawks, kites, roadrunners, quail and owls.  We battle ground hogs gophers and the summer before last I lost an entire tree worth of nearly-ripe-enough-to-pick  nectarines to ground squirrels.   The squirrels also like pomegranates and steal as many of them as possible.  All of us in this neighborhood have had to deal with rats, as well.  Especially after the fire in 2003.  They ate through the wiring in one of our cars that we park outside at night, on three different occasions!

So, when my bell peppers, radishes, and what is left of my tomatoes and zinnias started disappearing, I was sure that the ground squirrels--or worse--rats were getting to them.  After all, I planted everything in horse troughs that are too tall for corgis to raid.   When Bonnie was here, she "trimmed" anything that hung over the side that wasn't an aromatic herb or tomato leaves, but Darby didn't show much interested in standing up on her hind legs to try to eat anything.  So it had to be squirrels or rats, right?

Yup!  Cardigan Welsh rats!



Taryn said...

Great post! You've caught those sneaky little garden pests right in the act!

Sammy said...


Is that Rosemary in the one Pumpkin is looking at? If so, it doesn't surprise me--we cardigans love Rosemary and play in it, chomp on it, roll around in it. My PA had a Rosemary bush for 13 years, but all of us puppies have finally demolished it.

We did smell good though :-).


Amy said...

Sneaky girls!

Anonymous said...

Been there, with every pet I've ever owned: You can't trust 'em. (You love 'em to pieces all the same, but oh boy, you sure can't trust 'em).
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Boo's Mom said...

Hey, Sammy. That IS rosemary you see in the photo, but the girls don't touch it or the thyme that is growing next to it. So, somehow these Coedwig gals didn't get that taste gene! They also don't like the sage and they don't try to eat the tomato leaves either (thankfully, since too many can be poisonous.) Strangely, of all the things they've sampled the one they loved the most was squash leaves. Prickly squash leaves!