Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Computer problems

I'm having some computer or internet or modem or whatever problems and can't upload photos today.  Cable people say it isn't their problem that I intermittently can't access the internet.  And because it is intermittent it is proving hard to diagnose.  So, no photos today!  But, I wanted to post something so that those who know us best don't worry that there has been a murder/suicide at our house now that we are well into our fourth day of being in each others company 24 hours a day! 


Anonymous said...

Hi! It must be the season... No pictures for me either. However, there has been time for pictures of the triplet grandchildren at Disneyland for a pre-birthday celebration! If you think I am feeling left out, you are right! I did have fun staying with Luke!
Hope healing is happening at your house.


Taryn said...

Funny! Not about the computer problems of course....but all that togetherness :-)