Monday, July 13, 2009


Darby is shy.

Not so much around people, but definitely around dogs--puppies or non-corgi's that is.

Today at puppy class during free play, she visited all the humans, but groveled around submissively any time a puppy came near.

Oddly enough--to me--when we were at the sheep ranch a couple of weeks ago, all the dogs were corgis and she didn't show a speck of shyness or nervousness.

The puppy class teacher says that's really not odd at all, that dogs often have a marked preference for their own breed.

Shy or not, she sure is cute!


christian and erika said...

As you know, I have suspected this all along with Bonnie. I think Corgi's have a different way of playing and interacting. I wonder if Buddy or Sam's owners have noticed the same thing?

I'm so glad you're enjoying her mom. I love the breed, I'd get two more if I could :)

Play it Again Sam said...

I am pretty good around other dogs, especially if I know them. I play with Belgian Sheepdogs and Samoyeds besides my cardigan relatives.

I have met a lot of dogs at the dog shows and sometimes I play submissive because that is what my mommy taught me to do.

Brother Sammy

Boo's Mom said...

Sounds like Sammy is a little more outgoing that Darby. With puppies, she isn't just submissive sometimes, she is down right scared--she has screamed! In puppy class she tries to watch from the sidelines, under chairs, etc., during freeplay. She never had that problem with our neighbors adult Jack Russell or the other older dogs she has met on our walks. We've been to two puppy classes and in the second one she was already more at ease than in the first.