Sunday, July 12, 2009

Drinking (?) Fountain

Drinking isn't exactly what we had in mind when we installed a fountain in our backyard.

Our two old dogs used it, too!

(Another photo by Krysten, the puppy letter-outer.)

(Darby weighed in at 16.4 oz at the vet this yesterday when she got her rabies shot. I would have guessed a little heavier.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Darby!
It's me Buddy! My person loves the fountain picture. She thinks you are the cutest little thing. Me too!
I'm sorry to say we did not find the tail. One of the humans said they could afford the tails. I think it was a joke.
I do out weigh you by four pounds. Maybe I need to go on a diet. I may need to check the puppy in the mirror again. We play a lot. He looks just like me.
I do get tired of him doing everything I do though. But he's someone to play with and I love to play.
We helped KiKi and family install an air conditioner yesterday. (its HOT here too) I had fun, but got in trouble. I honestly didn't know it was the installation instructions.

Brother Buddy

P.P.S. Hi Melissa. I glad to hear about the weight. Buddy doesn't seem to want to eat except once a day. I am cutting him down to two now but he still doesn't like to eat early which had me a little worried. But I guess he's doing okay.
It's really hot here too. Buddy finds shade every time we go out. Being so black I guess the sun is really hard to take.
Have a great Sunday!
Buddy's Person, Becky