Saturday, November 9, 2013

Glenn's clothes

This is but a small -- very small -- representation of the times (nearly daily) that Pumpkin has curled up in the jeans Glenn leaves on the bathroom floor before stepping into the shower.

Sometimes she brings a bone to chew with her. 

Sometimes she neatly tucks her front feet under her (but leaves her tongue hanging out!)

Sometimes the jeans form something of a nest that she wiggles her way into.

Sometimes, Glenn leaves his pager (I know!  I know! WHO still uses pagers??) attached to his belt and its buzzing startles Pumpkin.  (And me!)

For whatever reason, Glenn usually leaves his shirt on the side of the tub just outside the shower.  But sometimes he drops it on the floor with the jeans and then Pumpkin seems to feels obligated to position herself so she is touching both the jeans and the shirt. 

Usually, there isn't enough room for Pumpkin's whole body to rest on clothes.  I wonder if her rear end gets cold?

Sometimes she scrabbles around for a bit until she manages to get everything on but her tail.

Sometimes, she bring a toy with her.  

And sometimes she just goes to sleep.

However she chooses to curl up in Glenn's clothes, you can be sure she never misses a chance!