Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Here and there

After nearly two weeks away from home, I flew back to San Diego on Sunday morning.  It was hard to leave Erika and her crew (husband, two dogs, 16 baby chickens, and an unknown number of black rat snakes) but it is so good to be home with my crew (husband, one cat, two dogs and no known snakes.)  Here are some photos of here and there.  Or rather, there and here. 

There: spinning on Erika's front porch on the wheel Christian found for her on Craigslist.

Here: knitting fingerless mitts with the newly-spun yarn to keep my hands warm when I help Erika with her chicken duties on our next visit this Christmas.
There: 40 inch wide section of a huge fallen tree that a sawyer with a portable mill is slowly reducing to fence posts and boards.
Here:  My one souvenir from this trip there. 
There:  View
Here: View

Here: Blurry photo of my girls. 


scotsmad said...

Bet everyone is happy you're home...except maybe the VA family.

Now, we want to know why Harry was mentioned before THE DOGS???!!!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Fay said...

Lovely views, both places. I really like the first photo!

Taryn said...

Bonnie and Bailey must be loving the country life! Do they ever run off?

Boo's Mom said...

Daisy, Harry is older; that's why I mention him first! Fay, I really like the photo with the wheel. Wish I could have captured my hands on the yarn, but I would have needed a second pair of hands. Taryn, I think Bonnie and Bailey stick pretty close. Erika has been working with them to keep them on the porch unless she gives them permission to go somewhere else. When I was there, when they did wander, it was only a short distance and they came immediately when we called them. Erika has done a good job with them.