Monday, August 26, 2013

Where I am

From Tuesday through Saturday morning, I was in Washington DC for a conference. Erika drove up on Friday afternoon and went to the conference awards dinner with me. She spent the night, then after we had breakfast at the PAUL Bakery on Pennsylvania Ave. (a US branch of the restaurant where she and I had breakfast every morning of the week we spent in Paris several years ago)  she drove me home to her new house outside Remington, Va.

She, Christian, Glenn and I bought 27 acres of rural property where Erika and Christian are now living (in a mostly-remodeled 133 year old farmhouse) and where Glenn and I will build our retirement home.  The property needs a ton of work--Christian already bought a tractor and is using a "bush hog" implement to begin taming the former pastures--and there is a ton more work to do. But, we have all the time in the world to get things done.

For now, they are --and for this week I am -- enjoying being out in the country watching beautiful sunsets, watching out for black rat snakes and checking ourselves for ticks!!!

Bonnie and Bailey, sporting super-dooper anti-tick collars are totally enjoying their new home and not thinking for a moment about black rat snakes! 


Fay said...

Nice location! It sounds wonderful for all people and dog-people involved!

Taryn said...

I still can't imagine the culture shock of moving from SoCal to NoVa! It will be fun to have you in the area!

Had I known you were in DC, we could have gone to dinner one night....Oh, well, soon enough you will be a neighbor ;-)

Jackie Bouchard said...

Wow - it looks lovely - except for that snake!!

Are you retiring there soon? Sounds like fun! Will look forward to reading about your adventures!

scotsmad said...

Twenty-seven acres......think of all the corgis!!!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Lois said...

It is so neat that you are heading this way and love the notion of you all living close in the country ! Really, so fabulous ! Culture shock in the best way possible...