Saturday, June 8, 2013

Please! Not another cone of shame!

Friday afternoon, Glenn came home to find that Darby had been gnawing on the bandage covering her "de-nailed" toe.  Methodically, bit-by-bit, she had torn off pieces and dropped them in a pile.  We had an appointment this morning with the vet to have it checked, but I added bandaging to what was left to keep her from messing with the toe itself.

In the middle of the night, a strange sound woke me up and it only took a moment to realize it was the strange snuffling breathing sound dogs make when they're going after a flea or some other itch -- in this case an itchy bandage.   She had chewed off my handiwork and was intent on removing what was left of the original job!

She REALLY wanted that bandage off!

To keep from waking Glenn, I brought her -- and busy-body Pumpkin -- downstairs.  I cut the rest of the bandage off and on the advice the emergency vet clinic was good enough to give me, I rinsed her foot in cool water, gently dried it and re-bandaged it with the last of my gauze and tape.  Before I could wash my hands and scissors, she had chewed off a part of the new bandage!

She REALLY didn't want a bandage on that foot.

Desperate to go back to sleep, I rummaged around for Harry's Cone of Shame and the puppy version Darby wore after she was spayed.  A little packaging tape linked them together in an ugly, but effective Cone of Shame -- but one that would not fit inside her sleeping crate!   So, I leashed both girls to the coffee table to keep them from getting into mischief while I was sleeping and sacked out on the sofa.  When I woke up at 5:00 am, I took the cone off so she could get a drink and sniff the ground to find just the right place to pee, and when she came inside, she went right for what was left of the bandage!


The vet technician added a new bandage and sent me home with a real Cone of Shame and an appointment on Thursday to have her toe rechecked. (It still bleeds a little and needs to be covered until the bleeding stops completely.)

So far, she has left this new bandaging alone. 

She's been sniffing the cone, and while I know it can't possibly be true,  I can't help but wonder if she knows what might happen if she doesn't leave that foot alone! 
"PUHLEEEEESE, One Who Feeds Us, don't make me wear that thing!"

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scotsmad said...

We think she knows what that Cone is for. And we bet Harry is laughing at her.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

How can you resist those 'treat eyes' in the last photo.