Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cat Content

I promised Corgi Content and there is some, but I hope you don't mind that this post is made up of mostly Cat Content.

Poor Harry! He has to wear The Cone of Shame! 

He has eosinophilic granuloma complex -- specifically eosinophilic plaques. 

This is the second outbreak he has had in the last three years and it is by far the worst. 

The vet gave him a cortisone shot on March 16th and this past Monday, when the condition hadn't cleared up, prescribed an oral medication -- and some time spent in the Cone of Shame to keep him from continually licking the area.  I also switched his food because it's very possible the problem was caused by an allergic reaction to a new food I started feeding him in January. 

The girls are very interested in Harry and his cone.  While they are following him everywhere he goes and sniffing the cone, they are being very gentle with him and haven't chased him even once!  Just like after my surgery a year or so ago, they seem to know when someone is ailing and they need to be on good behavior. 

Daisy, Bella and Roxy, the following two photos are specifically for you. I thought you girls would get a kick out of seeing a haughty cat in an embarrassing position -- although I know you would never wish itchy eosinophilic plaques on anyone, not even a cat.  (Would you??)  The cone obscures Harry's sight and seems to disorient him causing him to continually get stuck on things -- a stair step (see the 4th photo from the top) or as in these next photos, on the legs of a chair or the edge of a cabinet.

When the cone gets stuck, the poor guy just stands there for a minute or two, then backs up and tries moving forward again.  As often as not, he just gets stuck again.  It's comical and pathetic at the same time. In fact, while Erika was shooting these photos, the two of us alternated between sympathetic "Poor Harry!" murmuring and peals of laughter!
Poor Harry!  I hope the medication and the cone clear things up quickly. 

I'll bet Darby and Pumpkin are hoping the same thing so they can drop the good behavior and go back to pestering him! 


scotsmad said...

You're right, we wouldn't wish that on a cat. We were alternating between the poor Harry and isn't it funny, too. The girls probably think if they tease Harry, they may have to wear a cone, too.

Pumpkin looks like she's concerned.

We hope it is the food and can be cured that easily.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Taryn said...

Poor Harry! I hope he's better soon!

Lois said...

Harry Honey !!! Here's hoping you are quickly and completely recovered soon....

Lois said...

Also, I have been giving my dogs IN supplement for skin and coat, and it is phenomenal...also a cat version...maybe it would help dear Handsome Harry..